About Mehta Astrology

Welcome to this simple Mehta Astrology portal. I’m your astrologer host, Beth Lim (more about me HERE). It is my fervent hope that today will be the beginning of a meaning destiny that you’re going to undertake in life. Irrespective of where you are in your life’s path, if you’re provided with a mythic map with guideposts on how to navigate your designated journey, I’m sure you’ll tread that journey with more confidence, joy and peace of mind. I’m offering you this special service. To have a better grasp of what I’ve said, please check out my CORE STATEMENT.

Mehta astrology integrates the best techniques of ancient Indian Vedic astrology, Western humanistic astrology, and modern astronomy along with advances in computer software engineering to give you a precise and mathematically accurate map (horoscope) to navigate your destiny. If you are familiar with classical Vedic astrology, you will notice that your previous sidereal horoscope will be different than the one cast here.


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