Comprehensive Natal Consultation

  • Comprehensive Natal Consultation

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US$250.00 (or RM350 for Malaysian) 1.5hr to 2 hrs

This is the first horoscope reading that one gets. It covers the full spectrum of life from personality, family, love life, health, career, spiritual path etc. When you have uncertainty and confusion, this reading will give you deep insight and shine light for you to see where you’re going.

Before sign up, please make sure you have a clear understanding about the Zodiacal System I use to cast the astrology charts;

  • I use the Tropical Zodiac (not the Sidereal Zodiac)
  • I use “Dhruva Galactic Centre, Middle of Mula” (not Lahiri) Ayanamsa.
  • I use the Sidereal Nakshatras for the Dasas, based on Dhruva Equatorial (not Dhruva Ecliptic) Longitude.



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