Love Life (Compatibility) Consultation

  • Love Life (Compatibility) Consultation

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US$400 (or RM450 for Malaysian) 2hr  to 2.5 hrs

Meant to address a specific area of life – intimate relationship. 3 charts are read – yours, your partner and the composite of the 2 charts. You’ll understand the strength and weaknesses of the partnership and you’ll be able to evaluate if the journey is worth taking. Compatibility consultation can also involve business partnership or parent-child relationship.

Before sign up, please make sure you have a clear understanding about the Zodiacal System I use to cast the astrology charts;

  • I use the Tropical Zodiac (not the Sidereal Zodiac)
  • I use “Dhruva Galactic Centre, Middle of Mula” (not Lahiri) Ayanamsa.
  • I use the Sidereal Nakshatras for the Dasas, based on Dhruva Equatorial (not Dhruva Ecliptic) Longitude.


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