Core Statement



‘We are dragged along by fate to the destiny we refuse to walk to upright.'

-Carl G. Jung

(20th Century, Swiss psychoanalyst)


When I first encounter the above quote by Carl Jung, I was taken aback. Having practiced and studied astrology for years, it never occurred to me that there is a difference between fate and destiny, and now that we think about it, it’s pretty obvious. Fate is certainly what’s conferred to us from the past, and destiny is what’s to come in the future. Astrology can glimpse into both fate and destiny. Now, you might be quick to point out, if one’s destiny or future can be seen, why bother, since everything is predetermined? This is the mindset that has plagued and misguided millions (especially in India) for not taking life seriously and surrendering all to fate or destiny.

As an astrologer, I tell you now that not ALL of your fate and destiny can be known. They can be glimpsed quite a bit, but not all. Your horoscope is a map of your life’s terrain, but it is not the physical territory. Which maps can show you everything at all times? If it could, we astrologers would all be powerful gods controlling the universe. The best description between fate and destiny that I’ve come across is by Voltaire, an 18th Century French philosopher: “Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her, but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.” We must accept our given fate, and must decide our destiny to play well in the game of life. Otherwise, as Carl Jung indicated, we will be ‘dragged along by fate’.

As an astrologer, I feel my true role is to guide you with loving-kindness (mehta), to reduce fear while you navigate your life’s destiny. An astrologer should give you peace of mind and confidence. I do this by showing you the mechanics of destiny. It is this:

With the help of your astrologer, you’ve glimpsed into portions of your fate and your destiny, then by your own conscious choice you have to cook up your personal destiny and then pepper it with willful action and the gentle power of grace.

By grace, I meant more than what is said theologically. Grace, as I see it, is an unexpected gift that guides us toward the highest good. When heroic Robin Hood with his willful action, took money from the rich and fed the poor, it looked like that was his destiny. Later, he met Maid Marian who became his soul mate. Meeting his soul mate was grace that directed him to a greater destiny. When Luke Skywalker skillfully protected the galaxy and ensured her safety, it looked like he was fulfilling his destiny. But later when he discovered that he was connected to the dark side (Darth Vader) and at the same time has the true Force, this was grace. He then realized that his greater destiny was to live fully both complimentary forces within him.

You see, your destiny is not one and the only one, but will be unfolded upon you layers by layers, moment by moment. And in order to allow that, you have to act consciously to fulfill the destiny which you personally choose, and to create deserve-bility for grace to descend. Many ancient spiritual teachings have suggested ways to allow grace to descend effortlessly. Among them are being grateful, practicing acceptance to life’s givens, cultivating wisdom and serenity through meditation, prayers and chanting, and letting go of egoism and self-centeredness.

I have shared with you my core statement on why I practice astrology and what I can offer to you (please see SERVICES). My sincere wish is that this synchronous encounter of ours will be the first step of a deeply meaningful relationship through the sea of life.


‘We are born into the world of manifest nature;

our second birth is into the world of divine spirit.’

- Bhagavad Gita